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Why You Should Rid Your Closet of
Clothes That Don't Fit

April 3 2024

Have you ever thought to yourself “I just have to pick out my outfit real quick. It wont take long.”, but then 20 minutes later still found yourself digging through your closet?


The average woman takes 20 minutes to get dressed in the morning. Why? Because she’s stuck wading through a bunch of clothes that don’t fit her current body.


My suggestion to you: get those clothes out of your closet!


First of all, having clothes in your closet that are way too big or way too small disempowers you!


Clothes have a certain energy that they bring, and you can use this as a tool to empower yourself but you can also disempower yourself. Your wardrobe in your closet is a form of self care. It’s the first thing that you do when you wake up in the morning.


Clothes that don’t fit are taunting you! Have you ever woken up and thought “I’m feeling pretty skinny today; I bet I can fit into this skirt that hasn’t fit in a while!”, only to try on the skirt and have it not fit. Now you’ve just started your day off on a negative note. Don’t feel bad. We’ve all done it before!


I typically find that the clothes in our closet fall into three categories.

  1. Clothes that will fit if you lose 5-10 pounds.
  2. Clothes that will only fit if you lose 20-30 pounds.
  3. Baggy clothes that are shapeless and way too big.

When you’re wearing clothes that are too small, they pinch you and make you uncomfortable, and when you’re wearing clothes that are too big, you’re drowning in them.


Get those clothes out of the closet!


These clothes are shaming you. And who needs that negativity? Start of your day on a positive note by wearing clothes that fit and flatter your shape.


If it seems like a daunting task to rid your closet of all your clothes that don’t fit, I recommend starting small and taking it day by day. When you try on an item of clothing and it doesn’t fit, don’t put it back in your closet. You can put it in a donation bin, try to resell it, or simply put it in storage if it is something you think you’ll fit into in the future.


Secondly, having clothes in your closet that don’t fit is inefficient and leads you into decision fatigue. We don’t want to waste all our mental energy on deciding what to wear in the morning. We can save that energy for better use on work matters and things that are important to us.


The third thing that I hear women use a lot as an excuse is that they are waiting until they lose weight to invest in themselves. These thoughts are poisonous! When you decide to wait until you lose weight to invest in a good wardrobe, you’re putting yourself in style purgatory! It’s a form of punishment to not allow yourself to get clothes that fit your body now.


My recommendation is to get yourself out of style purgatory by buying at a minimum a capsule wardrobe that fits your current body now, that you can look and feel good in. That is what sets you up for success.


It’s such a relief when you get these dream stealers out of your closet that no longer fit. It’s so freeing. It feels like you’ve shed a whole person. It makes your closet much more manageable and organized, so that getting dressed in the morning can be something you look forward to.


When you have a closet that you love, and clothes that you feel good in, then you can go out and shine in the world and do what you’re meant to do here on this Earth.


I have seen the power and the transformation that happens when you walk in and everything in your closet fits, and trust me, it’s magical.


If this all seems like too much for you to handle on your own, I can help. Click the link below to set up a style discovery call with me.