February 14 2024

The first time I lost my sense of self was law school.⁣

Before law school, I loved expressing myself through my style in fun and creative ways.

And then came law school which beat all of the creativity out of me.

I dutifully followed the rules: blend in, don’t stand out. I wore the boxy gray, black and navy suits that my career services office advised.

I wasn’t standing in my power, and my style reflected that.

It was black, black and more black clothes.

The next blow to my sense of style occurred after having my first child when my body changed in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

What used to fit me no longer did, and I had no idea how to feel good in my clothes with my new mom pooch.

So, of course, I turned to my all black uniform which felt safe but also bored me to tears.

I felt like a shell of myself.

Fast forward to today where I am going through perimenopause, and my body is changing again.

This time, I’m prepared.

I know how to express myself through my style and how to find clothes that fit and flatter my changing body.

I feel better in my clothes now than I ever have, despite my perimenopausal body, and you can too when you learn how to dress your body shape.

I hope this message leaves you inspired to show up as your best self!


P.S. If you’re sick of trying to figure this out on your own and are ready to hand it off to an expert, I can help you.

If you’ve gone through body changes or find yourself in a boring style rut, I get it, and I know the way out.

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